Month: August 2017

Seven Online Shopping Hacks You Need to Know Now

From earning cash back on each purchase to simple tricks, here are seven hacks every shopper to avoid paying full price.

1. Use price adjustment apps.

Not everyone has the luxury of time or energy to screen all shop website for price drops. Fortunately, you no longer need to waste too much time in taking advantage of products with money-back guarantee promo. Most experts suggest downloading price-monitoring apps such as Slice or Paribus to do the job for you.

2. Timing is everything when shopping online.

More often than not, retailers roll out their discount codes every Wednesday, Thursday, as well as Friday.

3. Fill up your cart and leave.

As a rule of thumb, save what is in your cart and then leave it for at least 24 hours. Chances are, you can get discounts once the retailer thinks that you’re planning for a purchase. Most companies will try to send you coupons to lure you back particularly during holidays.

4. Look out for sites with freebies and free shipping.

As much as possible, keep yourself from paying the shipping fee. Do your homework to make sure that you won’t pay anything for this. Read carefully the terms and conditions before purchasing.

5. Use credit over the debit card.

Credit cards can’t just protect you against online scams, but it’s easier to refund when your order is not right.

6. Follow your go-to brands on social media sites.

Undeniably, coupon websites are amazing; however, they are the only way to get deals. It’s ideal that you’ll follow your go-to brands on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites to score discount codes. In addition to that, you can stay updated on the newest inventory as soon as it hits the market instead of receiving annoying newsletters.

7. Read the negative reviews first.

Ignore the positive reviews first. Instead, focus on the negative feedback if there’s any. It is the quickest way if the complaint will affect your decision or not, especially if the product is too big or too small, etc. But then, it’s significant to take note that the internet is bombarded with trolls as well as fake reviews.
In other words, it pays to be a bit doubtful when reading and assessing the reviews before clicking the button ‘buy’.
Online shopping is absolutely important to our always-busy lives. With the above-mentioned hacks, you can be sure that you’re doing it properly.