Great Message, Great Toys

“Jazz in my favorite color of music”  Keely  (2)

“You know what? Not all dreams come true. But that’s okay because you can always make new dreams.” Katie (4)

Okay – so how can you not like a toy company that includes little books of kid quotes.

Hugs:) Links and Hello phone just entered my life.  And I am a better person now. Why you ask?  That 4-6PM “power hour” of craziness at my house just got better.  The kids are quiet….well ok.  That is a stretch. Let me re-phrase.  The kids are not killing each other, are VERY happy and occupied, and I have some time to well, write this!

When I received my goodies, I immediately went to the toy website.  I was shocked to find out that two of my favorite toys were already in my house and had been for a few years!  My absolute favorite toy and favorite “what do I give a good friend birthday present” toy  – what I call the kitty piano (Meowsic).  This thing hit my playgroup like wild fire about a year ago and it has staying power. Everyone has a kitty piano in playgroup now. Although, keep your Clorox wipes on hand….every kid puts the microphone in their mouth….eww.

I digress..back to my new found happiness.  Hugs Links – these suckers arrived and I thought – hmmm.  They looks like those baby rattle connectors on itty bitty baby toys…..this is going to flop.

Well.  One HOUR later.  Mom is wrong.  Both of my kids (1.5 yrs and 3 yrs) were obsessed with this toy.  After about 30 minutes of taking them out of the container….and putting them back in….they discovered they make a wicked cool noise when thrown on the hardwoods.  I tried to show them how they link together and I was outvoted. Whatever mom!  We are only on day two – but they are still obsessed. So even if it ends now…..I have had about 3 hours of freedom so far!

I also discovered the Hellophone.  Right off the bat I loved it.

You can record a little greeting, then it rings after you leave it, like someone is calling your kids.  I diverted world war III with this feature.  I recorded Hello to both of my kids – so they HAD to share it.  Genius.

I think the most ‘unbelieveable’ thing is the wide age range on most of these toys. Most are infant to 5 years or something similar.  But they really do serve multiple ages and grow with you. My kitty piano of last year is still a fave with my older child, and a new found fave with my youngest.  Amazingly well thought through for value.

Buy it
You can buy these and other great  toys from B. toys at yes – my favorite store – Target!  The toys range from $8 – $50.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or did not receive any compensation, but did receive samples to review and test out. The opinions in this post are soley mine.

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